Awakening Forest Hermitage

Among the forest redwoods and high meadows of the California Sonoma Coast, a vibrant new community of Buddhist monastic women has taken root. It is a hermitage given the Pali name Aranya Bodhi, which means Awakening Forest

A generous donor offered the use of this land to Ayya Tathaaloka Theri several years ago, with the aspiration to make a forest meditation hermitage for Theravada bhikkhunis (fully ordained female monastics) and like-minded women. 

This aspiration has become a reality through inspired leadership, the friendship of the Bhikkhu Sangha, the commitment of monastic women, and the help of many donors. 

We invite your participation in developing this new community.  The Theravada Bhikkhuni Sangha is still in its tender stage.  Only a few of the Bhikkhunis have acquired the spiritual power that comes from decades of monastic training, and there are not enough practice communities for women seeking to enter monastic life.  

Your nurturing help in these early years will make a great impact for the welfare of women, and the preservation of Buddhism in the modern world.

Aranya Bodhi Hermitage is lovingly cared for by Dhammadharini, 
a religious non-profit organization with 501(c)3 Federal and State of California tax-exempt status.
"According to the Buddha’s teaching, our best chance for enlightenment is not in a heavenly realm, but here in midst of elements and aggregates, within these bodies which age and sicken, among the earth, rain, wind, fire and consciousness elements.  
We wake up here, not in another ideal place.  
This is the ideal place." 
- Ayya Tathaaloka