~ Prospects for Ordination and Training

Prospects for Bhikkhuni Ordination and Training

In the long term, Aranya Bodhi will be a hermitage and not a training monastery for bhikkhunis. That is, it will be small, secluded setting for dedicated practitioners. We hope that a proper training monastery will be established during the coming decade and our hermitage will be complementary to that. There is need for both types of practice settings.

For now, Ayya Tathaaloka and Ayya Sobhana will accept a limited number of aspirants for going forth and training at the hermitage.  

We do all this with confidence and hope, knowing the day is coming when North American women will be able to train, ordain as bhikkhunis, and practice in community, all within the Theravada tradition; so that finally we can follow the ideal way of life taught by the Buddha, on our own land. 

According to Buddha’s teaching, our best chance for enlightenment is not in a heavenly realm but here in midst of elements and aggregates, within these bodies which age and sicken, among the earth, rain, wind, fire and consciousness elements.  We wake up here, not in another ideal place.  This is the ideal place.