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2012 Vassa Schedule

[July 3 - September 30] SL vassa, for Ayya Sudinna
August 2-17  Community Period
August 2 Full Moon Uposatha
August 3  Beginning of Vassa
August 14 Community visit to Abhayaghiri
August 16 Residents' Meeting
August 17 New Moon Uposatha, visit to Wat Buddhanusorn
August 18 Vinaya Class
August 18-31 First Retreat Period for V Suvijjana, Sherene S, [and one-week retreat for Geri]
Aaugust 19, Board Meeting at Hermitage
August 21-24, Ayya Tathaaloka in Bay Area for teaching
August 25 Quarter Moon
August 26-31 Ayya Tathaaloka on retreat
August 31 Residents' Meeting
September 1-14 Community Period
September 1 Full Moon Uposatha and Vinaya Class
September 2 Pabbajja Ceremony for Santacari
September 8 Board Meeting in Fremont
September 9 Quarter Moon
September 9-22 Second Retreat Period for Ayya Sobhana and Sr. Santacari
September 14 Residents Meeting
September 15 New Moon Uposatha and Vinaya Class
September 16 Morning Vinaya Class
September 21-23 Ayya Tathaaloka on retreat
September 23-30 Community Period
September 23 Quarter Moon
September 28 Residents Meeting
September 29 International Bhikkhuni Day at Aloka Vihara
September 30 International Bhikkhuni Day at Aranya Bodhi
October 1-14 Third Retreat Period for Ayya Sudinna, V Pasada, [and one week retreat for Holly E.]
October 6 Supatra-Glenn wedding
October 8 Quarter Moon
October 8-14 Ayya Tathaaloka on retreat
October 13 Board Meeting at Burlingame
October 14 Residents Meeting
October 15-30 Community Period
October 15 New Moon Uposatha and Vinaya Class
October 16 Morning Vinaya Class
October 20 Farewell Ayya Sudinna
October 21-27 Ayya Sudinna & Sobhana to Dharmavijaya/WBMG/Lotus Med Ctr Kathina
October 22-26 Western Buddhist Monastic Gathering (Ayya T, Sudinna, Sobhana and  Ven. Suvijjana  away)
October 23 Quarter Moon
October 29 Residents Meeting
October 30 Full Moon Pavarana
November 3 Tentative Kathina Day