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Volunteer Week July 2013

Volunteer & Camp Out Week June 28th to July 7th 2013
Our community welcomes you to join us for Volunteer and Camp Out Week at the Aranya Bodhi Forest Hermitage on the Sonoma Coast of Northern California. You are invited to participate for a day, a weekend, or the full ten days. 

We will be engaged in various construction projects, as well as enjoying daily meditation and Dhamma sharing each morning and evening, sunset and starlight meditation on the saddle.  The 4th of July will be a day for pure relaxation and enjoyment of nature. 

Volunteers are welcome to help plan this week. 
We particularly appreciate project "captains" who can creatively plan and organize the practical work. 

Help with meals and meal dana is also welcome.

possible projects 

We are planning to have supplies on hand for a few essential, and doable projects:  
  1. Building one tent platform
  2. Painting our toolshed
  3. Building a front porch and ramp for our toolshed
  4. Dismantling a large tan oak tree which was felled two years ago and now is in perfect condition for firewood.
  5. In addition, we have a skilled carpenter who has offered to build the wooden platform on our small trailer, which will be made into a portable shower structure, so there will be a warm, dry place to wash up during the winter.
  6. Our paid carpenter and residents are hard at work renovating the existing kitchen trailer ... to make it more open, conbenient, weather-proof and rodent-proof. It is likely there will be finishing up work to do on this project.
  7. Since Bhikkhunis are not allowed to cut or harm a living plant, we are hoping some volunteers will undertake clearing the poison oak where it invades our paths, as well as trimming back the growth along our gravel drive. 

Another wonderful way to support the Hermitage Work Week is to bring prepared food or help out with preparing and serving the meals. 

your camping gear 

All participants should bring their own camping gear and eco-friendly toiletries as we have very limited supplies at the hermitage. Please inquire for a list of useful gear to prepare and bring. If you would very much like to attend but are not able to bring your own tent or gear, there will be a small number of tents and a limited amount of camping gear available. Please inquire about availability if such equipment might enable your participation. 

Please do write to us at our hermitage at for more information 
and to let us know if you would like to participate. 

our hermitage 

For those of you who have not been here before, our hermitage is off-grid on hundreds of acres of fairy-ring redwood, Douglas fir and tan oak forest just off the Pacific Ocean. The climate is normally warm and mild in May, the forest and meadows full of wildflowers. Seasonal rains normally end by the Vesak full moon, so this is the ideal time for camping. Our land is accessed by private road and comparatively very safe with regards both humans and forest wild life. 

Although our name is "Aranya Bodhi," it is not truly "aranya" or wilderness by Vinaya standards, as we can see and hear our neighbors. The atmosphere is very much one of great natural quiet and seclusion. We have a large monastic sima which cows cannot cross, allowing women spaces of seclusion within the greater natural precincts of our monastic sanctuary.