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~ Are you handy?

Since ancient times, Buddhist monastics have constructed simple shelters for meditation. Sometimes with the assistance of villagers, other times helped by kings and millionaires.   Your friendship creates this physical embodiment. 
 Our hearts feel the connection each time we use your gifts.

Some of the handy projects we hope to accomplish with volunteer help:
  • Laying the pipe for a small micro-hydro generator, (to be installed by our contractor).
  • Repairing eroded trails and "leading the water" away from trails.
  • Building a proper straw bale house or other soundproof enclosure fore our diesel generator.
  • Trimming and building steps in trails.
  • Cutting firewood for next winter.
Here are a few ways to be involved:
Sharing your special skills.  If you have real knowledge  you can advise, train and supervise.  We would like to learn more about erosion control, straw bale construction, trail building, forestry and forest landscaping.

Alone and groups. One or two people may come almost any time to work with our bhikkhunis and residents on projects, or you may arrange a special service visit for your circle of friends or sangha group.

Contact to inquire.