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~ Drivers Wanted

Are you able to assist with transporting bhikkhunis to events or appointments?  This very practical contribution gives bhikkhunis the welcome opportunity to spend time with members of the community. 

Bringing Good Friends to the Hermitage.
Many who would like to come do not have a car, are hesitant to drive outside the city or are deterred by the distance. Even those who can drive should think of doubling up for the sake of the environment.  Ride-sharing is especially welcome.  Whenever you visit Aranya Bodhi Hermitage, please think of stopping along the way for an errand, offering a ride to one of the bhikkhunis, or sharing the trip with another Dhamma-farer. 

We appreciate Jocelyn for volunteering to organize and coordinate a rides for us and our visitors. She has setup part of the Lotsa Helping Hands volunteer website to make it easy to offer or request a ride.

If you are able to offer a ride, you can sign up through Lotsa Helping Hands,
or contact Jocelyn at 
or contact the Hermitage at