2013 Hermitage Projects 

  • Installing a mini-micro hydro power system on a small seasonal stream, for additional winter power.  Helpers needed to lay out the hydro system.  
  • Completing our 8' x 15' Toolshed. Volunteer carpenters welcome.
  • Maintenance of our trails, and installing steps and drainage, both for safety and to reduce erosion.  Experts or knowledgable in natural landscape, trails, and erosion control welcome, as well as strong workers.
  • Landscaping for common areas, near the Dhamma/Dana Sala as well as our lower landing. Creative landscapers welcomed to make this area more beautiful.
  • More road improvements.  For the third year, a donor is supporting this project. Our road man will put rock and gravel in eroded sections and improve the drainage for a more stable drive and protection of incoming vehicles.
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