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~ Being Here

Our Daily Schedule:

On most days, we join for devotional chanting at 6:00 am, our main meal at 11:00 am.  There is formal teaching from time to time, either after the meal or at 2:30 pm.  On our quiet days (see calendar), there are no formal programs.

Your Day Visit:

We ask everyone to be mindful that this is a time and space of retreat.  Please observe the impulse to speak, being sensitive to the retreatants who are observing silence.  Watch for posted areas of seclusion, such as campsites or trails. Do not enter these areas. You will need shoes or sandals with good traction.  Additionally bring along a sunhat and/or sunscreen for the sunny areas and some warm layers for the cooler forested areas. The temperature can vary from 50 degrees to 95 in a single morning depending on your location and the time of year. If you will be here during dark hours, please be sure to have a flashlight. Most of our areas, do not have electricity. Though we don't often see them, we share this land with a cougar, bobcats, coyotes, venomous snakes, scorpions and many other friends. Our native flora includes poison oak. If you've never seen poison oak, please ask one of us to identify it for you so you can avoid it on the trails. 

Your Extended Stay: 

If you would like to stay for an extended personal visit, following a monastic lifestyle of devotion, meditation and work, please contact us.   Our climate may seem very different to those who have not been to the northern California coastline. Summers are very cool and misty. Winters are mild and rainy. Long thermal under clothing, sandals and a change of shoes with good traction (wet weather shoes during winter), flashlight with batteries, cold weather sleeping bag, a towel, a thermos and hot water bottle, and blankets for sitting meditation are very useful year round. A more comprehensive list of useful things will be provided with your application.  All retreat time is offered in generosity, on a pure dana basis.  Visitors will be asked to observe the 8 monastic precepts and participate in daily periods of mindful communal hermitage caretaking together with hermitage residents.