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~ Getting Here


Our hermitage is a secluded place of quiet meditation practice in a rugged, natural coastal forest environment.  

It is off- the- grid, off- the- map, and out of cell phone range. Please contact us for directions before coming.  


From Jenner, the nearest town, it is a 30 minute drive on unpaved roads to reach the hermitage.  From San Francisco International Airport (SFO) or Oakland International Airport (OAK) it is about a 2.5 hour drive.  Even though we are out of the way, it is possible and environmentally friendly to take the public bus.

If you would like to drive all the way up to our hermitage commons, please know that there is a short and curvy steep hill on a dirt road. This terrain is suitable only for 4 wheel drive or all wheel drive vehicles. If you contact us to make arrangements, we may be able to come and collect visitors before this last stretch of road. 

For those who are able-bodied, it is also possible to park outside the hermitage land and walk up the hill and down to the hermitage commons. This is  around a 30 minute walk with beautiful scenery and a great view of the area.   

When driving to Aranya Bodhi, please allow yourself plenty of extra time to enjoy the scenery and ocean view.  

Allow enough time when offering alms meal dana to arrive by 10.30 a.m. in order to offer at 11:00 a.m.

By Bus: 

Come by bus to Jenner, Guerneville, Santa Rosa, or Petaluma, and a resident can to pick you up. Your pick-up must be arranged in advance.  Here are links for public transport to the Hermitage:

The Best Bus to Aranya Bodhi: South Mendocino Coast Bus 95

MTA 95 South Mendocino Coast Bus (pdf)  is a local treasure. It only goes once a day, providing a relatively fast connection if the time is convenient for you.

When flying, try to arrive at San Francisco International Airport (SFO), in time to catch the 1:30 pm Sonoma County Airport Express Bus to Sonoma County Airport, arriving at 3:45 pm, and immediately transfer to the MTA 95 Bus. This will take you to Jenner, arriving at Arrive at 5:30 pm. Ask the driver to drop you at Muniz Ranch Road, about 10 minutes further on.  By arrangement we will take you from there to the Hermitage. 

For outgoing air travel book a late afternoon or evening flight. Flag the MTA 95 Bus at Muniz Ranch Rd, at 9:30 am. Transfer at the Sonoma County Airport to the Airport Express, arriving at SFO at 2:15 pm.   On Sundays, the outgoing bus departs from Jenner at 11:40, and you will not arrive at SFO until 4:15 pm.  

For local travel, use the Transit 511 service to choose an itinerary to the Santa Rosa Transit Mall in time to board the 4:15 pm MTA 95 Bus, arriving in Jenner at 5:30 pm.  Again, ask the driver to drop you at Muniz Ranch Road, past Jenner. The return trip passes our Muniz Ranch Road at 9:30 am (10:50 am on Sunday)

Another Good Bus Connection 

Use the Transit 511 service to choose an itinerary from anywhere in the Bay Area to the Santa Rosa Transit Mall, by way of Golden Gate Transit Routes 70/71/80, 72, 74, or 101.  Then take the next Sonoma County Transit Bus 20 to Monte Rio. This bus departs on irregular schedule at approximately 90 minute intervals.  Get off at the Guerneville Safeway, Highway 116 and Mill Street.  The Safeway is open 24 hours and a good shelter in any weather.  Your ride will meet you there.

At the Hermitage we can help you plan your outgoing trip.